Jury Verdicts & Settlements-Plaintiff Personal Injury Cases


   Rolle v. Harlem West II Housing Fund Company Inc. NYS Supreme Court Kings County VERDICT March 16, 2009. (premises case-plaintiff fell down defective steps while in an apartment building.  He sustained a comminuted displaced fracture of the calcaneus.  No surgery however permanent loss of range of motion of the foot and disfigurement of the foot. Total verdict of $500,000.00 reduced to $325,000.00 due to plainitff's comparative fault of 35%.

   Puglisi v. Parsons NYS Supreme Court Richmond County SETTLED prior to trial March 10, 2009. (auto accident case-plaintiff sustained a fractured wrist, two fractured ribs and a fractured sternum as well as internal injuries to shoulder and knee.  No surgeries. $150,000.00 in favor of plaintiff).

   Antonick v. Welence Superior Court State of New Jersey Bergen County SETTLED prior to trial January 2, 2009. (premises liability-plaintiff a guest in co-worker's home fell off unprotected retainer wall-sustained fractured elbow with surgery and aggravation of pre-existing back condition $190,000.00 in favor of plaintiff).


      Toh v. Bonaventura NYS Supreme Court New York County

SETTLED prior to trial January 4, 2008. (pedestrian struck in cross-walk sustained herniated cervical discs $70,000.00 in favor of plaintiff)


     Faldamis v. Transport By Daniel US District Court Eastern Dist. NY VERDICT April 9, 2008. (auto accident case-plaintiff had herniated discs and arthroscopic surgery on shoulder-$125,000.00 in favor of plaintiff)


   Colon v. Regent Associates NYS Supreme Court Bronx County

SETTLED prior to trial May 19, 2008. (trip and fall on sidewalk; plaintiff had aggravation of pre-existing degenerative conditions to her knees-$175,000.00 in favor of plaintiff)


   Williams v. NY Housing Authority NYS Supreme Court Kings County

SETTLED prior to trial September 15, 2008. (trip and fall on sidewalk; plaintiff had a non-displaced fracture to the distal radius-$65,000.00 in favor of plaintiff)




   Huska v. Bonaventura NYS Supreme Court New York County

SETTLED prior to trial March 20, 2007. (pedestrian struck in cross-walk sustained fractured hip-full insurance policy limits tendered by the insurance company $100,000.00 in favor of plaintiff)


    LaFleur v. State Ambulette NYS Supreme Court New York County

SETTLED prior to trial April 20, 2006. (plaintiff a passenger in an ambulette sustained soft tissue injuries when ambulette was involved in an auto accident $90,000.00 in favor of plaintiff)






Jury Verdicts-Insurance Defense

The verdicts below were all taken during Mr. LoBue's tenure as a Partner in a Manhattan based insurance defense firm on behalf of insurance companies. 

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Novack v. Kanclirz et.al., NY State Supreme Court Nassau County, Nov. 30, 2005 (auto accident/herniated discs)- Defense Verdict

Davydov v. Boyd, Queens Civil, October 28, 2005 (auto accident/herniated discs) case dismissed at trial (unreported)


Sabedra v Posado, NY State Supreme Court Suffolk County, May 2005 (auto accident/fractured ribs) liability verdict and settlement of $2500


Cruz v. Lee, NY State Supreme Court Suffolk County April 6, 2005 (dog attack/laceration and nerve damage) Defense Verdict


Morana v. Marciano, NY State Supreme Court Suffolk County April 6, 2005 (auto accident/herniated discs & meniscus tear) liability verdict and damages verdict of $15,000



Cardin v. Flynn, NY State Supreme Court Suffolk County, Sept,27, 2004 (auto accident/below the knee amputation) Defense Verdict


Kabler v. Hykosmani, NY Supreme Court, August 11, 2004 (pedestrian knock down/

fractured clavicle and ribs with hearing loss) verdict in favor of the plaintiff $70,000


Galligan v. McGloin, NY Supreme Court, Nassau County, May 6, 2004 (auto accident/herniated discs) Defense Verdict


Hong v. Roadway Express, NY Supreme Court, Kings County, May 28th, 2004

(commercial trucking accident/fractured hand with internal fixation-pin insertion) Defense Verdict


Granados v. Reilly, NY Supreme Court, Nassau County, March 2004 (motor vehicle accident/herniated discs) liability verdict of 55% against defendant; damages of $5,000

net award of $2,750.



Roman v. Creighton, NY State Supreme Court, Nassau County Nov. 25, 2003 (motor

vehicle accident/disc herniations) 100% liability against defendant; $20,000 damages award.


DiMartini v. Cavalieri, NY Supreme Court, Nassau County June 24, 2003 (motor vehicle accident/wrongful death action) Liability 50/50 between defendant and decedent; $1,059,943 verdict reduced by 50% for $529,521.50 net award; settled on appeal for $300,000.


Nolan v. Monhan, NY Supreme Court, Nassau County, Feb. 6, 2003 (premises liability/

lumbar compression fracture) Defense Verdict



Mercogliano v. Muller, NY Supreme Court Nassau County, Nov.14,2002 (pedestrian knockdown; skull fracture and loss of eyesight) Defense Verdict


Camacho v. Schulman, NY Supreme Court, Queens County, July 2, 2002 (motor vehicle accident/herniated discs) Defense Verdict


Benton v. Lanzo, NY Supreme Court, Kings County, April 24, 2002 (motor vehicle accident/herniated disc and torn glenoid labrum of shoulder) Defense Verdict


Curley v. Sill, NY Supreme Court, Suffolk County, Jan. 23 2002, (dog attack case/herniated discs & carpel tunnel syndrome) Defense Verdict



Volcy v. Alvarenga, NY Supreme Court, Kings County, Dec. 6,2001 (commercial truck/pedestrian knockdown; fracture of the right tibia in growth plate); liability verdict of 60% against defendant; settled before damages verdict for $130,000.


Smith v. Field, NY Supreme Court, Kings County, July 26, 2001 (pedestrian knockdown/torn ACL; torn meniscus with arthroscopic surgery; herniated discs); 100% liability against defendant and $145,000 pain and suffering award)


Schnopp v. Vogel, NY Supreme Court, Suffolk County, March 9, 2001 (motor vehicle accident/fractured fibula, rib and shoulder with surgery to shoulder); 100% liability

against defendant; $50,000 pain and suffering award.




Client Testimonials-Real Estate Transactions


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